• Jeans Cactus Shopper Hash 3

Jeans Cactus Shopper Hash 3

Product Description

Jeansowa torba na ramię od Hash to absolutny must have tego sezonu. Subtelny print komiksowych kaktusów przywołuje na myśl upalne lato. Pojemna komora pomieści kilka zeszytów A4, kosmetyczkę i laptopa. Duża jeansowa torba na ramię sprawdzi się również podczas zakupów i wakacyjnych wyjazdów. UWAGA! Ta torba nie kłuje i jest przyjemna w dotyku.

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The Hash denim shoulder bag is an absolute must have this season. The subtle print of comic cacti evokes a hot summer. A spacious compartment can accommodate several A4 notebooks, a toiletry bag and a laptop. A large denim shoulder bag will also work well during shopping and holiday trips. WARNING! This bag does not sting and is pleasant to the touch.

– One large compartment can accommodate several A4 notebooks, a toiletry bag and a laptop.
– Inside the bag there is a practical and spacious pocket closed with a zipper. Perfect as a wallet holder.
– Thanks to the adjustable shoulder strap with the possibility of detaching, the fashionable shoulder bag will be perfect at school, during shopping and during trips to the city.
– The advantage of the Hash shoulder bag is also a strong zipper and a metal zipper handle that will withstand thousands of jerks.
– Thanks to the sturdy carabiner inside the bag, you will never lose your keys again.

Technical Data

  • • 1 big compartment
    • 1 zippered inner pocket
    • key carabiner
    • releasable regulated shoulder belt
    • profiled, metal slider holders
    • fabric: polyester 600D x 600D
    • colored, printed lining
    • dimensions: 48 x 41.5 x 30 cm
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